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Insurance Policies:

Given the current economy, we are acutely aware of the need for most people to utilize their insurance as a mode of payment; however we are unable to accept insurance on assignment at this time.  The decision for Dr. Riggs to practice independently of the managed healthcare networks is due to the fact that TM disorders are very complex and coverage varies from company to company and from policy to policy, therefore there is no consistency in coverage. Even though payment is due at the time treatment is rendered, we attempt to keep treatment affordable by offering financial arrangements and accepting all major credit cards as well as CareCredit.  We openly invite you to discuss all payment options with our staff prior to your initial appointment.  Once we have a working diagnosis we can discuss your insurance in greater detail.   In a further attempt to help you receive reimbursement, we will provide a completed insurance form that you can send to your insurance company.  We make every effort to respond to any additional requests the insurance company may have but we can not guarantee reimbursement. In the event that your policy does not cover your treatment cost, it is important for you to remember you are responsible for all fees incurred.


We are happy to offer treatment to Medicare patients; however we are a non-participating provider for Medicare. This means that we are not able to accept Medicare for payment. We do charge Medicare fees for allowed services and follow their guidelines for filing claims for each patient. There are still many procedures that Medicare does not cover that may be a part of your treatment plan and these fees will be charged at regular office prices.  You will be responsible for all fees incurred at the time of the visit and we will make every effort to help you get reimbursement to the extent Medicare allows.  

Insurance Cards:

Please bring both medical and dental insurance cards. Depending on your diagnosis; we may need one or the other.